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Amy G. Dolla Therapy Doll:
Pattern, Instructions,
and an Explanation

Author: Amy Klco

This pdf download provides detailed instructions for making a very special doll--one specifically designed to help children when they are acting from their amygdala state--the "fight or flight" response, as it is often referred to. This doll is great for children on the Autism Spectrum, those with Emotional Impairments, Sensory Processing Disorders, anger management issues, or anxiety. It is also good for children who have suffered from trauma, are highly sensitive, or that could use some help learning how to control their emotions--instead of letting their emotions control them. Also great for tender-hearts!

Click HERE for a free 18 page pdf file which includes the pattern, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions (with pictures), plus tips for how to use the doll!

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