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Fierce Solidarity: Empowering Emerging Women to Reject Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Abuse

Author: Anna E. Turner

The transition between girlhood and womanhood leaves many young women feeling overwhelmed and directionless. The pressure to succeed is immense. So immense that in pushing our young women to succeed, we sometimes forget to teach them how to stay vibrantly alive. While emerging into womanhood, it is far too easy to get swept into abusive relationships. Whether you are from a supportive, healthy family or a dysfunctional family, relationship abuse could show up in your life. The consequences of not ending these relationships early are dire. Fierce Solidarity was written to empower you against the possibility of relationship abuse. You don’t have to wait until you have a clear vision of who you want to be or what you want to do to start building power into your life. And you don’t have to wait for abuse to show up in your life to start empowering yourself against it. The rally cry of Fierce Solidarity is this: No matter what our story is, we are all worthy and capable of living lives free of abuse. I want to see you thrive. Fierce Solidarity is designed to be a conversation starter. Through real life stories, it covers the warning signs and types of relationship abuse, practical ways to end abusive relationships in early stages, how to be fierce advocates for ourselves and our fellow women, surviving and healing from childhood abuse, making authentic, empowered choices about faith, and how to emerge gracefully into empowered womanhood. You don’t have to be afraid as you enter womanhood. You can enlist your whole self in crafting a life in which your gifts and desires have a voice and a purpose. Fierce Solidarity is one light on the path to freedom. —For adolescents and emerging women everywhere.

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