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Greta Goes Up

Author: Anna E. Turner

Greta Thatcher, the quietest, most invisible kid in her family, is starting fourth grade in the creepy old section of Oakwood Elementary with the meanest teacher in school. To make matters worse, none of her friends are in her class this year. When a new girl begins to take her place with her friends, Greta makes an impulsive decision that unravels her world and forces her to look at herself and her life with different eyes. Greta teams up with Violet, a wild-haired-story-telling girl in her class who convinces her that maybe, just maybe, their teacher is a real live witch. Can Greta survive a year without her old friends? Can she make amends for her hurtful mistake? Will she even survive the first three months of school with a witch for a teacher? As Greta makes her way through the many changes in her life, from her parents' decision to try homesteading to leaving behind the comfortable primary wing at school, Greta begins to understand the courage it takes to choose kindness, to make amends, to stop comparing herself to others, and to face her many fears.

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