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The Tender-

Hearted Teacher

Author: Amy Klco

The author if this non-fction book, Amy Klco, is an HSP INFJ with ADD. She has a BA and three MAs. She has her MI teaching license in SM, BR, and BA. She is also a NBC teacher. And now, she is speaking out for all the THs out there!


Translation: Amy Klco (yes, Klco is a real name, not an acronym) is a highly sensitive person, with a Meyer’s Briggs’ personality type of Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception, who has attention deficit disorder. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and Art and three master’s degrees in Education, Literacy Education, and Special Education. She has a Michigan teaching license in the areas of English, Literacy Intervention, and Special Education. She is also a National Board Certified teacher. And now, she is speaking out for all the tender-hearted people out there!

(Publication date TBA)

Are you a tender-heart or know a tender-heart? Share you're story with us on the community page--here.

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