Enchantment Press
publishes books for tender-hearts of all ages (and those that care for them) to help them discover how

to not only survive but thrive in

a world that desperately

needs their gifts.

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For the Tender-Hearted Child (ages 8-108):

Greta Goes Up

Mystekos Summer

Mystekos Fall

Mystekos Winter

Mystekos Spring


For Tender-Hearted Teens (ages 13+):

YANA [You Are Not Alone]

For Tender-Hearted Adults (ages 18+):

Under the Watchful Moon


For Adults Who Want to Help

Tender-Hearts of All Ages:

The Tender-Hearted Child

Fierce Solidarity


The Cat at Mrs. Drimley's Door

It Takes a Forest

Sewing Instructions:

Amy G. Dolla Therapy Doll


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